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Original music for picture

Interview with Leo Sidran

October 20, 2017

Leo Sidran is not only a world-class musician, he’s also a brilliant interviewer. He hosts an amazing podcast - The Third Story. Musicians and producers who normally don’t get their story told inevitably spill their guts to him. It’s really, really great.

Well, about 2 years ago Leo was gathering interviews for a series on the commercial composers and he asked me to chat. We talked shop. Here’s 45 minutes of us talking about my business, commercial music and kids shows.

The Third Story, Episode 83
Settling the Underscore Vol. 2, Bonus: Alex Weinstein

Illustration animations by D.Billy

October, 2017

I enlisted the help of one of my favorite artists, D.Billy, to help bring my music to life. Below are his time-lapse illustrations of my music. They are mezmerizing.

The Eueler Line—Music by Alex Weinstein, illustration by D.Billy

Tiny Tickets - Music by Alex Weinstein, illustration by D.Billy

Think Thunk - Music by Alex Weinstein, illustration by D.Billy