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The Cannonball Run Countach (2022)

The story of why this winged 1979 Countach LP400S is among America’s most significant supercars and how it killed the most famous clandestine car race in auto history.
1hr 18min
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88MPH: The Story of the DeLorean Time Machine (2021)

The 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 "Time Machine" Hero Car used in the hit 1985 time-travel movie “Back to the Future” is an international cultural icon. The car’s legacy transcends borders and generations as one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved automobiles.
1hr 37min
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Undecided The Movie (2016)

A camera crew follows two "undecided" voters along the actual campaign trail, and no Presidential candidate - on either side of the aisle - is spared.
1hr 26min
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My Louisiana Love (2012)

My Louisiana Love traces a young woman’s quest to find a place in her Native American community as it reels from decades of environmental degradation. Monique Verdin returns to Southeast Louisiana to reunite with her Houma Indian family. But soon she sees that her people’s traditional way of life is threatened by a cycle of man-made environmental crises.
1hr 17min
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